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We'll take care of you.

Customer Service from your phone company? What a novel idea! 
We like to think we're full of great ideas here, placing customer service at our forefront is just one them. No need to take our word for it though, visit our testimonials page to read for yourself!



Real People

We like to think of ourselves as a modern-day Mom n' Pop business. You'll get to know our technicians and they'll get to know you (if you're lucky enough, they just may bring you donuts for morning meetings). 


We get that there are a ton of phone companies out there, so we've got to do something special to win you over. What is our winning quality you ask? We actually enjoy what we do. Crazy, right?

You'll never be just an account number to us, we take pride in knowing each of our client's needs and fixing their issues. And when you do have any issues, a human voice is just a phone call away. 




With over 20 years of experience, we combine our knowledge of old-school telecommunications with today's ever-growing technologies. We can do everything from order you new fax lines and new internet circuits to re-configuring and maintaining your current phone system or installing a brand new one! 




No job too small. Whether you're a start-up with 1 phone or a multi-site office with 500, we've got a plan for you. 

In the world of business we understand that scalability is key. A 4-phone office one day may grow to a 20 phone office the next. Our plans are designed to make your growth as easy as possible. Think of us as those really good looking stretch pants you wear to dinner- reliable enough to feel confident in but flexible enough that you'll always be comfortable.


We'll Teach You How to Fish

(but only if you want to learn)

Ok, maybe not how to actually fish, (we're pretty bad fishermen) but we will teach you what we know. All of our installs and re-configurations come with complete training on what was done. In the belief that knowledge is power, we like to empower our clients so that they can manage their systems on their own and call us for the "tough stuff".

That being said, some folks simply don't want to ever have to worry about managing their phones- and in those cases you can leave everything to us!

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